Tianjin Yiren Internet Main Business: domain name registration, virtual hosting, cloud server, vps, server hosting, high-defense server, SSL certificate, etc.
的云计算服务 Billion People Connect provides you with high-speed, stable, secure and elastic cloud computing services

Cloud hosting, cloud server, cloud virtual hosting, server hosting, domain name registration, record resolution, computing, storage, monitoring, security, and complete product series

的云计算服务 Provide secure and compliant cloud computing services

Authoritative cloud computing services to fully protect your business practices and business security

  • Why choose Erenren.com domain name registration and filing server hosting company

    0 yuan for free

    Provide users with free filing services, professional filing—1V1 filing processing mechanism, get the filing number in 1 working day if it is fast

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  • Why choose billion people connected

    100 times failure compensation

    Billion People Connect promised that the product could not be used normally due to the breakdown of Billion People Interconnection. We will provide 100 times the breakdown time compensation for your comfort

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  • Why choose billion people connected cloud server company

    3 days no reason to refund

    Billion People Networks promises users an unconditional refund within 3 days of purchasing a cloud server and is committed to creating a better server experience environment for you.

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  • Why choose billion people connected

    7X24 hours multi-channel service support

    Professional after-sales engineer team to provide you with 7 * 24 * 365 technical services

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  • Why choose billion people connected

    VIP many-to-one service

    In order to further provide more detailed and professional services, Yiren.com aims at VIP customers. Our company will arrange a multi-person technical team to provide you with pre-sales and after-sales services by establishing WeChat group / QQ discussion group and other forms.

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世界各地 Your business can be located all over the world

The network has shortened the distance between human beings, and cloud computing has promoted a new height of civilization

North China
East China
Hong Kong
South China
方案 Billion people connected solution

Provide you with highly available and secure solutions based on industry characteristics

  • Website cloud solution

    Website Cloud provides enterprises with flexible, flexible and automated infrastructure construction, pay-as-you-go service models, and cost operation and maintenance service systems to help customers transform and promote innovation and development of core business.

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  • Financial cloud solutions

    Financial Cloud provides customers with tailor-made cloud computing services, zero investment in IT hardware, zero maintenance of cloud facilities operation and maintenance, and high-quality guaranteed after-sales service mechanisms to help financial users efficiently apply cloud computing services, which is your choice for Internet transformation.

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  • Mobile cloud solution

    The mobile cloud application virtualization system provides customers with application performance and flexible application virtualization services, helping customers to achieve secure and smooth access to various application software on the server by mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

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  • E-commerce cloud solution

    E-commerce cloud helps e-commerce customers to quickly achieve platform building, save costs, respond to high business concurrency, strengthen security protection capabilities, and help e-commerce customers to quickly achieve financial innovation and business revenue goals.

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  • Game cloud solution

    Game Cloud provides a dedicated service cluster for customer game development and game operations; a multi-scenario and multi-type game deployment solution, and at the same time provides a distinguished VIP after-sales service to provide the cornerstone for the stable operation of customers' games.

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动态 Billion People Connected News

Provide you with website construction, domain name registration and filing, cloud server, web hosting and other industry information, event announcements, product releases, etc.

important Notice

关于2019年国庆节机房封网及公司放假通知 14: 5 Notice on the machine room net closure and company holiday of the National Day in 2019

云服务器托管公司:请警惕冒充熟人诈骗 16: 4 Cloud server hosting company: please beware of scams posing as acquaintances

关于封网通知 18: 0 Notice about network closure

天津主机托管公司提醒关于防范勒索病毒的公告 17: 5 Tianjin Hosting Company Reminds Announcement on Prevention of Ransomware

Industry news

虚拟主机和云主机-虚拟主机比云主机哪里好 17: 5 Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting-Where Are Web Hosting Better Than Cloud Hosting

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